Faculty Toolbox


You may have been a part of or heard about the efforts our community is making to retain students. For those of you who have been actively engaged in retention – thank you.  For those wondering what role you can play, this site has been launched to share resources we believe will help faculty actively engage in retention practices. This so called “Faculty Toolbox” is a collection of resources, tools, behaviors, and ideas that support the retention of students at WSU. The big idea in the program is that we want to provide a steady stream of information that will guide students towards behaviors that will help them succeed.

Additionally, we are providing  Information such as retention data specific to the university and your college, so you can see how we are doing as a university (and in your college).

We are asking everyone to make some small changes to what you are currently doing to help us retain students.  All of these resources are intended to help increase enrollment.  If we work together we can move the needle.

In the following pages you’ll find a theme for each week to use at the beginning of each of your classes.  (Weeks 9-16 will be available soon)

16 Week Course

Top 10 Tips

Additional Resources

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