These projects require more time and attention to detail than the daily work. They are worth 25 points.

1. Photo package

  • Using whatever camera you have available, go out and shoot a lot of photos (a minimum of 40) of one topic/subject. Do yourself a favor, and choose someone (or a group of someones) DOING something.
  • Incorporate the composition techniques and other tips we discussed in class.
  • Strive for candid (non-posed) photos and work to make your images tell a story.
  • Choose your FOUR or FIVE best photos that work together to tell the story.
  • Size, crop and prep your photos using Adobe Photoshop. (no graphic approaches/editing)
  • Write complete captions for each photo.
  • Post your images into one post, each with it’s own caption, on the website.
  • Try writing a good headline for your photo story — good headlines have a subject and verb. They also pique reader’s interest and give a general idea what the story is about.
Photo package will be graded on:
  • Use of human subjects (at least three have to include a human).
  • A variety of shots (wide, medium, tight).
  • Photos work well together to tell a story.
  • Composition.
  • Exposure.
  • Visual interest — there is a focal point/subject in each image.
Photos must be shot for this assignment — not photos you’ve shot in the past.

2. Typography – Quick Reads 
 Provided is the text for three (3) separate quick reads.
  • 5 autumn trees
  • First 5 Home Shocker Men’s Basketball Games
  • Shocker Sound Machine Q&A
Your job is to use your newfound typography skills to create these three quick reads (think sidebars/info boxes in newspapers, newsletters and magazines). Make good typeface choices and use size/weight/color/etc. to help create visual contrast and to help organize/prioritize the information. Grab a couple magazines to find examples and model yours after one.
  • You may use color, tints, bullets, shapes, etc.
  • You may NOT use photos, illustrations, graphics, etc. on these.
  • Create an separate file/jpeg for each quick read, but post all three jpegs together in one post on the website.
Here’s a Word file with the text: Quick reads text

3. Design – Promotional Flyer
Design a flyer for The Sunflower ad sales team to use in selling ads for a special basketball tournament issue in the spring. It could be hung up on walls, but mostly, it would be used to hand out to potential clients.
  • 8.5 x 11 inches (portrait or landscape, you pick)
  • Use a column or grid structure
  • Use the content provided (you may pick and choose — don’t have to use all)
  • You’ll be graded on typography plus: focal point, contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, balance, movement and unity.
  • Don’t commit any of the layout sins.

Here are three download folders. The copy (text) is in the first one. All three download folders have images.

And the logos:



4. Social Media Design Project
Create three pieces for a social media campaign for either:
1. Kansas Humane Society
2. An organization/group/business you’re involved with or have access to — have to be able to acquire art quickly (You do not have to take the photos yourself.)
You will create:
  • Three visual posts.
  • Choose three different tactics (one each): quote, brand awareness, announcement, event promotion, gain support/volunteers, fundraise, sell a product/service
  • Size: 800 x 800 pixels OR 1,200 x 630 pixels (make sure you choose PIXELS)
  • Write a brief caption — the text that would accompany the visual post on social media — for each piece.
  • Create three different pieces that follow a consistent style (colors, graphics, fonts, etc.).
  • Use excellent typography skills for quick readability.
  • Practice visual branding.
  • Incorporate design principles (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, focal point, movement, etc.) in a relatively small piece.
Post all three pieces with their captions together in one post of the class website.
Here is a Word doc with text you may pull from for your visual posts & captions, as well as a couple folders of photos to download:
Category: Design Project: Social Media

Final Project — Presentation design

Here are the instructions:

NOPE — You don’t have to do this one (Fall 2018)
9. Final Project — Portfolio 
Category: Portfolio
Create a digital portfolio that includes at least the following:
  • Resume (5 pts)
  • PHOTO: Best 4 photos from scavenger hunt (10 pts)
  • PHOTO: Photo package (10 pts)
  • TYPOGRAPHY: Story design (10 pts)
  • TYPOGRAPHY: Movie nights poster (10 pts)
  • TYPOGRAPHY: 3 Quick reads (10 points)
  • DESIGN: Promotional flyer — Sunflower ad sales (10 pts)
  • DESIGN: Social media campaign (3 pieces on same group/company) (10 pts)
  • DESIGN: Magazine layout (10 pts)
Remaining 15 points go to the overall quality of the portfolio.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to figure out what the reader is looking at
  • Good descriptions of the pieces and what they were created for
  • Visual look and organization
  • Editing (no spelling errors/typos)
  • Following directions