Daily Assignments

Instructions for the smaller, daily assignments. These should be posted to the class website — categorized appropriately — before you come to class the day it’s due.


1. Meet the Class
(Please see the “How to post to our class website” in the INSTRUCTIONAL section of this site.)
  1. Write a brief introduction of yourself (250-300 words).
  2. Then add two visuals that tell us something about you — what do you do? what are your values? what’s important to you? what do you really, really like?
  3. Finally, add a mug shot — a small head shot photo that shows your face.
For an example, see the “meet your instructor” link. You may arrange your photos however you like for this post.
Category: Meet the class

2. Phone Photos
  • Practice taking photos with your phone using the techniques we talked about in class.
  • Take some with people in them and some without.
  • Play with light.
  • Make sure the photo has a focal point/subject.
  • Practice shooting using the rule of thirds.
  • Please try to not take photos of posed subjects if you can avoid it.
Post your best three — at least one of them must have a human subject. Don’t use any filters. (Post all in the same post; no  commentary necessary.)
Category: Phone Pics 

3. Photoshop Tutorials
  • Complete these step-by-step Photoshop tutorials.
  • Size them (Image/Image Size in Photoshop) to around 400 pixels wide each.
  • Save each of your finished photos as a JPEG using your last name in the file name and then post them all in one post.
  • NOTE: On the duo-tone tutorial, you’ll have to switch the mode BACK TO RGB after you make it a duo-tone. Then it will let you save it as a JPEG. (Our website won’t accept .eps files.)
The download folder here a PDF with step-by-step instructions and all the photo files you’ll use in the tutorials.  If you’re on a Mac, the folder will probably unzip it when it downloads — likely sending the folder to the DOWNLOADS folder. Grab it from there and copy it to your hard drive or flash drive.
Category: Photoshop I

4. Photo Editing
Choose two photos you have taken that would benefit from some basic photo editing: choose one that you would like to see in B&W and one that really needs more effective crop.
  • Save the originals.
  • Make one photo B&W, crop as needed (can be any shape) & tone the photo.
  • Color tone the second photo and crop as needed (can be any shape).
  • Post both the original and the new photo for each set (so post 4 images total).

Category: Photo editing

5. Photo Scavenger Hunt (IN CLASS ASSIGNMENT)
Spend class time (or the equivalent of class time at another time) out on campus doing the photo scavenger hunt — shooting photos that meet the criteria in the instructions you received in class. Remember, on this assignment, you will be graded on the quality of your photos: focal point, composition, clean background, interesting angles, etc. BEFORE YOU POST, RE-READ THE INSTRUCTIONS so you don’t lose points for not following directions.
Categories: Scavenger hunt

6. InDesign – Recreate Ad
Open a new InDesign file and recreate this ad. We’ll walk through this together in class before it’s due. If you missed class, you might need to find a buddy to show you some of the basics, or rely on online video tutorials for InDesign.
Category: InDesign (Recreate ad)

7. InDesign – Pancakes
Download the files for the InDesign Tutorial here: InDesign Tutorial (pancakestory)
Category: InDesign (Pancakes)

8. InDesign – Headlines
Recreate these three headlines and design one of your own.
Category: InDesign (Recreate ad)

9. InDesign – Biobox
Recreate the bio box about Noah, then make one for yourself
Category: InDesign (Biobox)

10. Resumé (10 points — due Thursday, Oct. 25)
Using your newfound typography skills and InDesign, take a stab at creating a resume for yourself in InDesign. Choose an appropriate font at an appropriate size. Then use size, weight and spacing to organize your resume. Create good hierarchy and make a resumé that is scalable and easy to navigate. It’s ok if you don’t have a ton of professional experience to put on your resume just yet. Go back into high school if you need to (organizations, leadership, jobs, etc.) and use these things as placeholders until you start adding internships and relevant job experience.
Category: Print out and bring to class

11. Layout Sins (10 points — due Tuesday, Oct. 30)
Read the Layout Sins chapter handed out in class. Find (in your environment, not online) examples of five of the layout sins outlined in the reading (and in the introduction in class). Take a picture of each and post the pictures along with one sentence each that names/describes the sin.
  • Five sins.
  • One example each.
  • One sentence with each each.
  • One post on the website

Category: Layout sins

12. Social Media Design (10 points — due Thursday, Nov. 1)
Design a SQUARE social media post (visual post) recruiting students for the 2019 Flint Hills Media Project.
Here is the copy/text (you can edit a little, but the main content needs to be included in some way):
Experience. Community. Tradition.
Apply to be part of the 10th annual Flint Hills Media Project and join the ranks of nearly 200 project alumni.
June 3-28, 2019
Questions? Email amy.devault@wichita.edu

Photo choices

Kaitlin Whelan, Wichita State University senior, photographs purple cone flowers as the sun sets in Fort Riley, Kan., on Thursday, June 13. (Photo by Melissa McGinty)




This is the white logo ^^

13. Color (10 points — due Tuesday, Nov. 6)
Choose a brand that has at least 2 colors in its logo (excluding black and white). Think outside the box! A restaurant, sports team, clothing brand, store, food brand, etc.
Using InDesign, create an info sheet about the color theory behind that brand’s logo. Your info sheet should include:
•  the brand’s logo
•  color swatches & what the color scheme is
•  CMYK & RGB codes
•  at least 2 examples of where your brand uses those colors in its marketing — this can be social media, advertisements, etc.
** Your design doesn’t have to be overly complicated but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by putting your other skills to the test.
Here are two examples that I have created.


14. Recreate a magazine layout
1. Choose ONE of the three layouts below: 3-column layout, 5-column layout or 10-grid layout.
2. Open an InDesign document (use the page specifications shown for each layout).
3. Create a “dummy” in InDesign (gray boxes and filler text) that replicates the layout you chose. Just follow the dummy layout shown on the page.
4. Start filling in your dummy. You should follow the general layout created with your dummy. Get close on the typefaces (get the correct categories, but it doesn’t have to be exact).
Download the photos and sidebar text here: Recreate a layout assignment
5. Use filler type/dummy type for the story.
6. Export a jpeg of your layout.
NOTE: When you are exporting, make sure you check the “spreads” item in the export dialogue box. Otherwise, it won’t export your pages side-by-side.
Categories: Recreate a magazine layout
Your 3 choices:

3 column layout5 column layout
10 grid layout

EXTRA CONTENT — Not required, but you can try it out if you want to try Illustrator.

Illustrator tutorials (5 points)

Category: Illustrator tutorials