Design Project: Social Media

social media designs

Gooood morning Wichita State!!! [sun emoji] We are super excited to announce our debut as Shockers for Life here on campus! Give us a follow, tell your friends, and keep an eye out for some exciting events coming up soon [insert star eyes emoji here]
FREE tacos this Tuesday at our first ever discussion about the myths and facts surrounding abortion!!!! All are welcome [insert emoji]
Are you with us? RT to show that YOU are proud to be pro-life [yellow heart emoji, probably]

I would like to note that this campaign was designed specifically for Twitter, and that the image sizes reflect the preview seen by users when scrolling through their timeline. These posts are, in order, intended to 1) increase brand awareness, 2) promote an event, and 3) gain support while also increasing brand awareness through retweets.

post-critique flyer

Promotional Flyer

quick reads

Quick Reads

Photo Package: A Trip to Sonic

Driving to our Destination!
Arrived! Looks like Sonic it is 🙂
He offered to pay… how nice!
This awesome dude, named Stephen, is always so nice when we see him. Oh, and he brings us our food a lot 🙂
And now we enjoy!

Photo Scavenger Hunt