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Producing a paper

Adam Suderman, sports editor for the Derby Informer, finishes his work on production night. He and a freelance photographer spent the weekend covering Derby High’s victory in the Kansas 6A wrestling tournament.
Patty Lane, design editor for the Informer, prints off “dummy” sheets that will be used to proofread the paper before it is sent off to press. The paper, though based in Derby, is printed out of Hutchinson.
Jeff Cott, owner/publisher of the Informer, fixes a pot of coffee for himself in the office Keurig. “This is just as big a part of making a paper as any,” he said.
Addison Joyce, media and circulation assistant, proofreads a Sports page for errors. Joyce graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in English.

A Day At Petland

Tevin walks into Petland. When he got in the door he looked around and said “this is like Heaven on earth!”
Tevin meets a puppy and falls in love immediately. They bonded like no other. She was sweet and cuddly.
Th puppy begs Tevin to take her home. Unfortunately, she was too expensive to take home.
Tevin touches the colorful birds. The birds got scared and tried to fly away.
Tevin picks up a mouse for the first time ever. He put the mouse down shortly after picking it up. After putting the mouse down, Tevin said “that was gross! I will never do that again unless I have to.”

Photo Package

Photo Package

Walking into the restaurant.
All set for dinner.
Dinner has arrived.
Enjoying dinner.

An unknown victim sits, unaware, as the Pie Smasher makes her move. The woman now known as the “Pie Smasher” has claimed five victims in just two days.
The Pie Smasher gets closer to her oblivious victim.
The Pie Smasher attacks her victim with stealth.
The victim laughs in shock as he realizes what happened.
The victim wipes the pie off of his face as the Pie Smasher disappears into the woods.

A Night at Gphi

These are the letters and wreath on the door of the Gamma Phi Beta house. The doors were painted pink this past summer!
The gphi girls wait on outside announcements and catch up with their sisters before meeting. Here Ashtyn was excited to see her friends Lexy and Baileigh.
Jade is a caring and dedicated sister. Here, Jade was working hard at posting an announcement before meeting.
Maddie is the epitome of the value of love. She smiled humbly in this picture.
The pink carnations are the sorority flower of Gamma Phi Beta. They were found on the dining room table, as they can be found most days.

Brother and Sister Spend the Afternoon Together

Jaxson Stefek is getting into the car to head out for the afternoon. Jaxson visited his sister, Lexi Stefek, for the weekend and this was his last day before heading back home.
Jaxson is finishing a homework assignment in the Rhatigan Student Center. He is currently a sophomore at Ellsworth Jr. Sr. High School.
Jaxson is climbing up the rock wall at Wichita Sports Forum. This sports complex is huge and contains basketball courts, a trampoline park, an obstacle course, and more!
Smiling through the struggle, Jaxson is trying to get out of the foam pit. When he makes the rare trip to Wichita, one of his favorite things to do is go to Aviate, the trampoline park that is in Wichita Sports Forum. 

Photo Package