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Game Time

A young man comes home after a long day of school ready to finally unwind.
He sets his backpack down and gets ready to begin his relaxing evening…
Until his boys call him and tell him to hop on Xbox. He gets excited and knows that he can’t turn down the boys without serious repercussion.
He puts in the game disc and prepares himself to slap some noobs with the boys.
At last, it’s finally time to chill. It’s game time.

Put Him On The Team.

Photo Package

Paige Gray, applying her makeup at her bedroom vanity. She developed a passion for makeup when she was a young girl, as she watched her Mom get ready for work.
A mere fraction of the array of beauty products Paige has acquired.
Paige touching up her lipstick.
As the last step in her routine, Paige mists her face with finishing spray.

WSU Ceramics Guild/Empty Bowls Wichita-Open Streets ICT

WSU Ceramics Guild president and student, Kat Smalley, performs a live hand wheel demonstration for patrons of Open Streets ICT. The organization helps coordinate public build-a-bowl events and builds bowls for Empty Bowls Wichita fundraiser.
Kat Smalley, WSU Ceramics Guild president, gets her hands dirty in a demonstration at Open Streets ICT. The group is promoting Empty Bowls Wichita Chili Cook-off, a fundraiser hosted on October 5 on the WSU campus. Proceeds benefit the Kansas Food Bank.
Wichita ceramicist Sean Whalen, Whalen Pottery, performs a live wheel demonstration while displaying his work to crowds at Open Streets ICT.
The work of local ceramicist Sean Whalen sits on display for crowds at Open Streets ICT, an event promoting biking, walking and community building.

Today’s Morning Workout

College student Stephanie arrives bright and early at the YMCA to get the day started. Much like other mornings, she gets her daily workout in before class starts.
The right mix of cardio and weights are essential. Here, Stephanie positions herself for the start of a set of squats.
After weights, she hits the track for a set of laps to complete her routine.
No workout is complete without a cool down. Here, Stephanie takes advantage of the stream room as the last step in her morning workout.

A below average day of work

At my coworker is pouring paint, we prepared for the day ahead.
Painting a soccer field at the Metroplex, so far, so good.
My coworker started to realize that he should work out more.
“I should’ve applied for a different job.”
He stared off into the distance for a good 10 minutes before he started working again
We’re all packed up and ready to call it a day.

Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Earth Pod

My four-year-old niece, Demi, sits inside the Earth Pod. The Earth Pod was installed on Earth Day 2019.
Staring up at the sky through the Pod’s architecture, Demi admires the clouds floating by.
The structure includes seats, a table, and an interesting view. The Earth Pod is the second pod to be built by Brady Hatter.
Demi pretends to be a statue.
Demi races down the sidewalk, off to find more adventure.

Axe Therapy

Paxton (left) and Eli (right) are driving to Blade and Timber after a stressful day at work.
Blade and Timber is an Axe Throwing company with locations in Wichita, KC, and across the country.
Kicking back with a few beers, Paxton and Eli talk about their day, and blow off some steam, while waiting for their time to start.
Eli takes aim for her first throw. This was her first time at Blade and Timber.
After about an hour, Eli and Paxton have hit pay dirt. This throw was dead center in the bullseye.
After a few hours of throwing, emotions have settled for Eli and Paxton. They share a hug afterwards.