Daily Work

Day at the Track

Get buckled up and ready. The racers get their seat belts buckled and tight and get ready for the race to begin
And so the race begins. The first racer makes it out of the pit to begin the first warm up lap and begin the race.
Moving on up. The racer looks at his times and realizes that he is getting faster after every race.








Learn the Basics. The new racers are taught the rules and basics of racing before they begin to race.

Photo Package

Face painting at the zoo.
Achilles decided he wanted to be a dog for the night.
No need for the dog filter now!
The best puppy face.

Time Spent Making the Worst Beverage in the World Isn’t Wasted If You Spend It With Your Mom

A bag of carrots is judged by its freshness. If it passes the test it will receive a place in the shopping cart seen in the bottom right.
The chosen bag of carrots accompanies a bag of clementines to the self-scan checkout. Few registers were open at the late hour the purchase was made.
A housecat, known as Rat Baby, cautiously investigates the peeling process. The peels are saved for composting.
The finished product awaits tasting beside scraps and pieces reserved for snacking. Repeated offers for a taste were declined, repeatedly.


Photo Story

Several breakfast orders are being put up for the cook to make. Meet Caleb Lamb, a line cook at GeoMeals Cafe inside of Genesis Health CLubs.
Caleb scrambles the eggs for a yummy breakfast scramble. He cooked this on GeoMeals very large grill top.
Next, Caleb begins frying eggs, and toasting the wheat bread. He has cooked this breakfast ever morning for a lady named Sierra for the past two years.
Caleb is doing the several orders hung up, all at once. He has been known for being a quick and speedy cook!
Some may say there is not much skill to being a line cook, but Caleb puts forth great effort and technique into cooking the customers breakfast. Caleb scrambled the eggs, toasted the bread, and cooked off the proteins effortlessly.


(Sorry some of the pictures are sideways or upside down, I am struggling with formatting pictures on this website when I post them)

Dunking the Mayor

The Wichita Chamber of Commerce sets up a dunk tank booth with Mayor Longwell at the Open Streets ICT on Douglas Avenue this past weekend. People of all ages lined up to attempt to soak the mayor.
The police mascot, Sargent Justice, wants in on the action. With unsteady aim, he attempted many times to soak our city’s leader.
The eagle tries several times, ignoring the mayors jests. “You throw worse than Chief Ramsay!” Remarked Longwell.
Frustrated with not hitting the mark, Sargent Justice runs up to the target and dunks Mayor Longwell. The crowd cheered at the display of unsportsmanlike conduct.
Mayor Jeff Longwell recovering from being dropped in the water. The dunk tank event during Open Streets ICT benefited the United Way of the Plains organization.

Money Monday’s

Adrian is working on the morning balance sheets for the Northeast Branch.

Adrian continues calculating the totals from the branches previous business day transactions.

Juanita sits in her office as she works on the schedule for her employees.

Friday Night Spikes

This weekend I had the opportunity to stand on the sidelines and photograph Friday night’s volleyball game. These are a couple of my favorite shots.


Wichita State volleyball player takes flight and reaches for the ball during Friday night’s game against Tulane.

Reacting to the play, Wichita State volleyball players continue in their efforts to defeat Tulane during Friday’s game.


Celebrating a great play, Wichita State volleyball players cheer each other on during Friday’s game against Tulane.

Serving towards the opponent, Wichita State volleyball player nails the perfect form during Friday night’s game.

Trying out The Monarch with friends

The Monarch patio sits mostly empty. It was a Monday night, so it was to be expected.
The indoor dining room has a few small groups. It looks full, but this was everyone else in the restaurant.
Evan talks about his day at work. There’s trouble a-brewin’ with a coworker.
Jake waits patiently to eat his turkey and cream cheese sandwich. I told everyone they had to wait a minute to eat so I could get pictures with their untouched food in the background.
Evan digs in to his potato salad. He called it the best potato salad he’d ever had.