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Photo Package

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Hi, I had jury duty and during that time CAS updated so I wasn’t able to post until now.

Dog days of summer

For many years I dreaded the signs of seasons passing: the falling of leaves, temperature dropping, days seem to come to an end in the blink of an eye but this year I will be embracing Fall’s return.
I took this for the on campus scavenger hunt and I am glad I didn’t add it to that photo thread!

Preparing for big little reveal

Cydnee Durk is heading to her sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, to start preparing her littles gifts. As big little is coming up during this weekend she had lots to do for her twins.
As Cydnee is about to start painting on the canvas, she goes on Pinterest to see what she wants to paint. Since Cydnee got twins she had to do two times more work ahead of big little reveal that’s during the weekend.
First thing that Cydnee wanted to do is draw her plans on the canvas using a pencil. Cydnee was so excited not only to meet her littles during the weekend, but also to make gifts for them.
Next step for Cydnee is to paint on the saying that she picked out for this painting. After this painting was done Cydnee had much more painting to do.
After painting all of her canvas’s for the day Cydnee wants to show her mom her finished work. As Cydnee plans on doing many more projects this week, in preparation for big little reveal, she has finished for the day.

Photo Package

Bryan Raymundo paints the white acrylic base onto the canvas in the hallway. He wanted the banner to catch people’s attention.

Celebrating With Cake

Channing went to Walmart to buy a cake. She is baking a cake for herself because she got a 96 on her biology test.
First she sets the oven to 350, she then mixes all of the ingredients into the bowl and poured it into a cake pan.
She keeps the cake in the oven for 30 minutes.
After the cake comes out of the oven she puts chocolate icing on it. She also decorates the cake by putting sugar pearls on it.
Now that the cake is all done, she can finally enjoy a piece.

Green Group promotes sustainability by bi-weekly trash cleanups

Junior and Green Group president, Madison Laughlin, hugs new member, Meredith Moxley, after Moxley announced she had to leave the trash clean up early.
Laughlin enthusiastically picks up litter near the Rhatigan Student Center in order to promote a clean environment and a clean campus.
Junior Grant Day and senior, Meredith Moxley, walk towards some litter they spotted a few feet away.
Day and Laughlin walks on opposite ends in search of some litter to pick up.
Moxley laughs after hearing a fellow Green Group member say a joke a few feet away.

What’s For Dinner?

Christian and Charlie are heading into Dillons Marketplace to find some items for dinner.
Charlie looks at the lobsters as a possible dinner option. He decided against it, because he knew it would take too much preparation and he was ready for something quick and easy.
Christian and Charlie discussing the different meat options.
Christian walking up and down the aisles trying to figure out what looks good. He was wanting to try something new.
Charlie picking up some Mochi, a Japenese rice cake, for an after dinner snack.

Thank you Mom.

My works 10 hour days on average and still comes home to plan out dinner and the next days breakfast. This weekend she plans to make something more special since it’s my birthday.
She got out at 5 p.m. from work and still goes to the store to get everything she needs.
The things that she needs are sometimes difficult find.
She got everything she needs but she planned to make it the next morning.
She got up at 8 a.m to begin the making food from scratch.
The end result is always delicious.