Photo Package

Photo Package

This is Gergana, she works for a modeling agency.
Everyday she spends her time going through emails of clients wanting to use their models.
Most clients select a wide variety of models.
So they contact her to see if their models are available.
Sometimes it gets busy but she does it because she loves her job.

photo package

Photo Package

My brother and I drove back to our hometown in Kansas City over the weekend. We went to the aquarium for the first time.
At the aquarium they had a little tunnel to climb in where you could stick your head up as if you were in the tank with the fish. It was pretty cool.
After the aquarium we went back for for a bit to relax and played with our kitten named Carmen.
Later that night, my brother and I went to the movies where we saw ‘Greenbook” which just recently won an oscar for best picture.

photo package

Photo Package: The DIY Planter.

Fady takes measurements in preparation for the Miter saw.
Violet, the Chow Chow, waits patiently as Fady assembles the pieces.
Fady makes some finishes touches.
Fady examines his work in its intended location.
The plants are placed on the DIY planter, as it awaits a coat of paint.

Photo Package (Everyday)

Here we go again (lol)

So my photo package is over things that make me happy and keep me going everyday. This photo of Ben makes me smile even when I can’t always see him

My friends that have always been there for me are a very important part of my life everyday.

I have tired many different types of medicines to help me stay positive in life but none have worked. The HOPE that keeps me trying to find something keeps me going everyday.
My pets are also a very importrant part of my life. Without their love, everyday of life would be a little bit harder.

Photo Package: A Trip to Sonic

Driving to our Destination!
Arrived! Looks like Sonic it is 🙂
He offered to pay… how nice!
This awesome dude, named Stephen, is always so nice when we see him. Oh, and he brings us our food a lot 🙂
And now we enjoy!

Producing a paper

Adam Suderman, sports editor for the Derby Informer, finishes his work on production night. He and a freelance photographer spent the weekend covering Derby High’s victory in the Kansas 6A wrestling tournament.
Patty Lane, design editor for the Informer, prints off “dummy” sheets that will be used to proofread the paper before it is sent off to press. The paper, though based in Derby, is printed out of Hutchinson.
Jeff Cott, owner/publisher of the Informer, fixes a pot of coffee for himself in the office Keurig. “This is just as big a part of making a paper as any,” he said.
Addison Joyce, media and circulation assistant, proofreads a Sports page for errors. Joyce graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in English.