Meet the Instructor


My name is Katie and I am a second year Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Elliott School of Communication. This is my first semester teaching my own section of this class, but I’ve been a TA for Amy the last two semesters. I have also taught Comm 111: Public Speaking the last three semesters. While I love teaching public speaking, I’m even more excited to teach this class because I love design and the way it can display information in a creative way.

Born and raised in Kansas, attending Wichita State was a natural choice for me. I took this class as an undergrad with Amy and I can honestly say it is the class that made me decide to switch my major from business to communication. I graduated in 2017 with a degree in integrated marketing communication and now I am in my final semester of my master’s program.

Graduating means finding a big girl job. At the moment I have no idea what that will be, but my hope is to find a job that I can be passionate about and flex my creative muscle. Maybe that means a marketing department of a nonprofit or a brand manager at an ad agency. Check back with me in May.

When I’m not at school or working on my thesis, I love hanging out with my fiancé, Matt, and my dog, Zelda. They’re both huge goofballs and always have me laughing. I do my best to stay active (though some days are harder than others) by doing yoga and boxing. I picked up succulents as a hobby last spring and I’m obsessed with them now. It’s a relaxing thing for me to do and supposedly plants bring you more happiness, so win-win.

Eleven years and kicking

amy picHello, and welcome to my 2nd favorite class in the Elliott School of Communication. (I’ll tell you about my favorite near the end of the semester.) I’ve been teaching this class since Fall 2007, and haven’t missed a semester or a section since. It’s a lot of learning by doing — which means it’s not a class you can skip, and it’s a class that keeps me busy as well. If you’re constantly turning stuff in, it means I’m constantly grading. It’s a small price for us all to pay in exchange for you gaining hands-on, marketable, useful skills.

A Kansas native, I grew up near Bazine, Kan. — somewhere out there between Hays, Great Bend and Dodge City. I have an undergraduate degree from Fort Hays State University and a master’s from Kansas State. At both schools, I worked for the student newspaper — writing, shooting photos, editing and designing. Before coming to Wichita State in 2007, I worked at The Wichita Eagle as a visual journalist and design editor for five years.

IMG_726215781488_10157900207300277_5584839169306155388_nI live in Derby, where my husband, Adam, is the director of bands at Derby High. We have two sons. Kyle is 13 and is in the 8th grade. He’s a reader, artist and musician, and he’s a video-game-playing kid who thinks he wants to be a game designer some day. He’s smart and funny, but quiet as a mouse if he doesn’t know you. Noah is 10, and he loves people and sports. All people. All sports. Basketball and baseball are his favorites, but for fun, you can find him playing: tennis, ping-pong, air hockey, pickle ball, soccer, football and golf. When he grows up, he wants to play in the NBA (Oklahoma City Thunder) or in the major leagues (KC Royals).

I love my job. Not only do I get to teach my hobbies (design, photography, multimedia and storytelling), but also I get to meet and work with more than a hundred awesome college students a year. When I’m not teaching/grading or keeping up with my two boys, I enjoy book club and coffee dates with friends, live music, art and studying craft beer.