Meet the Class

Better Late Than Never

Hi class, finally getting this posted! My name’s Brock and I’m a senior this year at WSU. I’ve worked as a server at Nortons Brewing Company downtown since we opened in mid April. I play alot of video games, mainly League of Legends at this point. I also love going to the movies (Yay AMC) with my boyfriend, most recently we saw Crazy Rich Asians which was very cute. The only picture I’m missing is one of my dog and then we’d have all my favorite things in life contained here. I absolutely love the Lord of The Rings films and books, in fact I have the inscription of the One Ring tattooed on my right arm (see selfie and pic). I also am quite obsessed with Indian food and have been for the better part of two years. I hit a couple of the local Indian restaurants at least twice a week. My favorite one at the moment is New Paradise Biryani on South Rock, but Kababs on North Rock is also incredible. As I said before I’m missing my dog, but she’s really my whole world. If I’m not at school or at work, I’m probably hanging out with her. She loves going for walks, but her favorite activity is Netflix and cuddles. Her name is Harley Quinn, named after the Joker’s girlfriend, and she’s a five year old Chihuahua/Terrier mix. Basically she’s a huge mess, but she’s my little mess. I can’t wait to get to know everyone better through out the semester!


Hi! Sorry I’m Late!

Hey everyone, my name’s Ella Dominguez (Ella Lee for short).

I’m a little late to this (I just added this class to my schedule) but I’m psyched to be here. I’m a Junior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media. I am also minoring in Theatre. On campus, I’m involved with Delta Delta Delta and Love Your Melon. I’m currently employed as a photographer for The Sunflower, but I’m sure you’ll catch me writing some culture articles every now and then.

Two things that I am super passionate about are photography and travelling. I spent this summer travelling all across the United States and it was the most amazing, eye-opening experience I have ever had.

In May I took a seventeen hour road trip with some of my best friends to go to a music festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I saw artists like Kendrick Lamar, Hippo Campus, SZA, and about fifty other bands over the course of three days.

About a month later, I flew to California by myself and met up with an old friend. I spent a week seeing Los Angeles from the eyes of a local and it was a ridiculous amount of fun, traffic, culture, and amazing food.

I also spent time in Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas this summer. Needless to say, the mileage on my car increased significantly.

After graduation, I plan on moving to Austin, Texas to work in the live entertainment industry. I plan on pursuing event photography as well as event planning.

Til next time,

Ella Lee

welcome to my blog post

Hi, I am currently a Junior here at Wichita State studying Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media, Global Competency, and the lovely language of Español. I’ve undergone many changes to my major and finally came to the consensus that Communications is a good stepping stone in the direction I’m headed. I’m a barista at Starbucks and am surrounded by the best work family a gal could ask for. (I work with Zane!!!) Come see us!

I enjoy doing many things-I’m sort of a scattered person. I try and fill my free time up with anything from family, music, writing, cooking, traveling, wildlife, piano, and most of all people in general. Genuine connections are pretty few and far between but I like to invest my time in to my relationships because I believe that is what makes life so lush. I value honesty, empathy, and passion-these are all important to me.


I’m the youngest out of my sister and I, but I’ve always had a strong desire to be “independent”-which by my definition is barely scraping by paying rent each month and eating boxed foods for dinner-but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It has taught me a lot.

I’m excited to learn and grow with you all!

Thx, Morgan.


Hello, my name is Brett and I am a senior here working on my Communication degree with Electronic Media. I’m from Wichita and can’t/don’t want to move out of town to go to school and WSU offers what I am looking for in a degree, along with the new movie production degree which is something else I am looking forward too. I am married and have a 1 year old boy who is quit literally perfect. I have been able to spend more time with my family once I started working as a dept. lead at Valence Surface Technologies. There, I work during the weekends and can spend more time during the week with my two favorite people as well as focus on school.


I am a cinefile and hope to one day make my own films. I am inspired by Christopher Nolan, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino to someday make complex and interesting films that hopefully many people will enjoy. I also collect toys, which is honestly my biggest hobby. I have well over 1000 that aren’t all shown in this photo, but it takes up a lot of space! I am really into comics and movies as you can tell, so I take most of my creativity and inspirations from the movies and other forms of media to try and adapt them into my own work.

In this class I hope to gain some better knowledge about taking better photos and hope that will help me in the future of cinematography and other projects I work on in the future.


Goodmorning! I’m Quin!

Hey guys! My name is Quintarian Hall and I am now a Sophomore at Wichita State University, pursuing a B.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication. I am 19 years old and I really, really, love Cheerleading, as well as, being involved in anything positive. I cheered for WSU for the ’17-’18 season, and this year I made the squad, but I decided to take a year off to let my body rest and explore different fields.

I have a light background in Portrait and Landscape Photography. I was really into it a few years ago, however, I stopped photographing so heavily when I began my freshman term at WSU. I came to WSU because I really felt like the school had a lot of cool programs, resources, and school spirit. I’m really beginning to enjoy it here at Wichita State because the campus has become so much more diverse and inclusive, so it has become a second home for me. I have made so many new friends and contacts.


More on me, I go to the gym on a regular basis. I enjoy being active because I have been involved in Cheerleading for so long, so that’s my adapted lifestyle I decided to take this course because I am interested in getting back into the groove of photography, also to gain more insight and experience on how to improve my photography. Also, photography was really fun when I was involved in that.

Seeing people smile when they see their photos, watching people move in front of the camera, and having the power of the eye are all intriguing aspects of photography that make me want to move more into it.
I’m excited to move forward into this year and can’t wait to move through the rest of the course with you all!


Hello class! My name is Jordan Peele. I am currently a junior majoring in IMC and minoring in Political Science. I am from Topeka KS, but decided to go to school here in Wichita because I love the campus and size of school. I am currently a member of Gamma Phi Beta on campus. I love the greek life here and currently serve as the Assistant Social Chair of my sorority. One of my passions is planning events and organizing stuff so this position is perfect for me. Below is a picture taken at my sorority house during one of our events.

Some of my hobbies include working out, netflix, and writing. However, I work two jobs plus I am a full time college student so I do not get to put as much time into my hobbies as I like. One of my most recent passions in life is my pets. I recently bought a guinea pig named Miley who is super hyper and fast. Then a few months later I adopted a cat named Layla from the Humane Society. Her and my guinea pig actually get along and our super sweet to each other. Below is a picture of Layla stretching out on my balcony.

When I am not doing homework or working, I usually am hanging with friends. I am a huge people person and love talking! I am very excited for this class because I feel like pictures and other visuals play such a huge role in marketing which is something I am very interested in. I am looking forward to becoming good with photo shop and other visual tools!

Hey there! My Name is …. kind of long

My name is Moradunoluwa Adekoya, but you can call me Mo, if my name happens to be difficult to pronounce. I am an international student from far far away, Nigeria. I am a transfer junior majoring in communications, emphasis in electronic media. I am the last of four children, I have two older sisters who are married and have adorable kids, and my brother is engaged. So i’m the only one left to enjoy my parents money! Just kidding.

I love spending time with my friends, there are like family for me here in the United States. if I’m not hanging out with friends, I’m probably having a karaoke session by myself or watching some romantic comedy on Netflix (yup, i’m that girl). The romantic movies I’m crazy about right now are “the kissing booth” and  “to all the boys I’ve loved”. After watching the movie, I have taken it upon myself to read the three book series, which i’m excited for. Most of the time i’m watching YouTube videos, or making one for my channel, I have an almost obsession with YouTube. But i’m not mad about that, creating videos is something I love and enjoy doing and i hope someday i’m some incredibly skilled Videographer.

I’m not deeply involved in any organizations on campus, because I’m new and still testing the waters. But I am a member of the African Caribbean Student Association and through that I have already made some amazing friends. I hope to get more involved as the semester goes.

I’m loving WSU so far and I’m ready to take on the next two years!! yay!

Hello All!

Hello everyone! My name is Rhiannon Taylor and I’m a communications major with a blend of integrated marketing and electronic media. I landed on my decision to pursue communications when I learned how versatile the degree is. I would love to be able to explore a number of different fields, web designs, producing, advertising, PR, but ultimately Id love to end up as an art director /creative director for a major magazine company or even by working on movie sets.

I’m a born and raised Wichita native who enjoys spending way to much money at the movies, especially when Marvel movies are rolling out giving me time to hang out with my mom, uncle and younger cousins. Speaking of movies, one of my favorites ever would have to be Ever After with Drew Barrymore, there is probably a lot of sentimental attachment to the movie after growing up watching it with my sisters, but even so it’s still just a great movie to me.

When I’m not spending time with my friends, family and my hilarious little nieces and nephews, I’m with my rad Aussie Memphis who I’ve had for 4 years since he was a puppy. As cheesy as it sounds, having a puppy has taught me a lot and he’s filled me with a lot of pride considering I’ve taught him quite a few tricks.

For the most part I live a pretty laid back life, but I have been traveling a bit more and have fallen in love with it, especially after getting the chance to go to Scotland.

With that being said, I’m excited to be in this class, especially after hearing about how much we will be learning and how much of that will be useful in real life situations!