Comm Week (Extra Credit)

Comm Week Extra Credit

Comm Week

I went to “The Most Interesting Man On Adobe” with Sean Jones. He talked about his different jobs and how he got there. He explained to us how get got an internship at the public library. Sean Jones talked about how much he liked designing and he does not get to do it as much as he would like with his job at the public library. He got a job with Roxy’s downtown theater. He designs the posters for there upcoming shows. It sounded like he really likes that job, he get to work on his own time and almost can design the posters however he wants. Something that surprised me was he did not take any design classes. Some of the advise he gave was to alway ask, you never know when there’s a job opening. He also said that we should always try to keep up with new technology and finding new ways to communicate. Things are always changing and the best thing you can do is keep up with it. Some other things he said was keep close to your friends in college, you never know what help they can do in the future. Go to the small classes the library has, it is free and only an hour. You also can learn something from it.  He said to always work hard, someone said during his talk that he is one of the hardest workers they know. Meet people and learn from them and never miss an opportunity. Sean Jones was a really interesting guy to listen to. I learned a lot from his speech, the thing I will take away is the advise he gave.

Comm Week

For Comm Week, I attended Megan Lovely’s “Voice of the City” presentation. With the quote “Kill all your darlings” by William Faulkner, Megan opened her presentation and paved the way for the topics she would discuss. As she walked through her different jobs in the communications field, Megan touched on some of the aspirations she would have to let go to succeed in her job. Megan was a fantastic speaker due to her message but, more importantly, due to her enthusiasm and ability to be candid with the audience.

Overall, I had a great time listening to her speak and tell the ups and downs of a career. Not being a comm major myself, I didn’t think I would get much out of listening to someone in the field speak. Although, I was surprised to have walked away from her presentation feeling like I was given timeless advice.

CommChella 2019

For Comm Week this year, I went to “The Main Act” with Wendy Johnson. She spoke about her work as the Division Director working for the Wichita Public Schools. Wendy had amazing advice about how to be successful in the communications world and her advice that she would give students from what she has learned as her time working. One of my favorite pieces of advice was “listen well and know how to keep your mouth shut”.

After the session was over, I went up and spoke with Wendy. She is incredibly knowledgable of the communications world and she gave me her business card to be able to contact her and shadow her this semester. She is passionate about her work with kids and wants to make their lives better in the best way that she can.

Comm Week (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles)

I got intend the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. They talked about the Ad Labs and what they do. They had a chance to make videos for different types of business. They showed movies that they made from easiest to hardest. The first video and business they worked with was for kid driving automobiles toys. They took clips of them making the toy and clips of the kids reaction to the car. The second focuses on airplanes and how they made them. The third video was for a train business and they said it was the hardest video because the people who asked for the video didn’t communicate and they had to travel to 4 towns for 8 different train stations to get the clips for there video.

The Digital Transformer

For Communications Week (also known as “Commchella”), I attended Tony Berg’s session at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 16. Tony Berg was described as the “digital transformer” who works as the new Midwest Regional Publisher for McClatchy. 

He started his session by talking about advertisement and data; which have no interest in so it bored me at first. He then showed us some graphs and ended by saying that “data is our friend”- which I don’t believe, but hey, it’s the 21st century so I better get used to it. 

Afterwards, he started talking about journalism and publishing, which I found to be a lot more interesting. He showed us a voicemail he received from an angry reader. The reader with a thick country accent took about 5 minutes out of his day to just insult Berg. At first, I thought the voicemail was hilarious. Especially since this reader obviously hates the publication, but still continues to read the new issues every week and then goes out of his way to call and leave a voicemail. 

But then, Berg got more serious. He started to mention how his African American colleagues have received death threats, how some woman colleagues have been followed to their cars, and how these voicemails have brought Berg himself to tears. He was honest with the brutality that comes with working in the media industry, but he still said that he loved his job.

The Camera Man Can?

The first one I went to, The Camera Man Can, was honestly so good. If anything, it made me want to go to AMC right away and see a movie. As a movie lover and goer, I recognized the videos he showed. I found his segment to be really interesting due to the fact that he has made some pretty incredible stuff for a movie theater chain that I enjoy. It was really cool to be able to see the man/men behind the creation. You never really know just how much time and effort goes into that stuff until you hear someone talk about it.