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Want to meet the owner? Come join us at our open house this Saturday May, 4 and see the woman in charge!
Are you interested in modeling? Contact us today for more information.
Ever wonder how models stay fit? Come find out at our health and fitness event today at Century 2, where we will host all of the local trainers and health coaches that have worked hard to find the perfect routine that models from all around have raved about!

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Layout Sins

At least 3 different fonts, all in caps, words are centered.
Used two different justifications, bad bullets,
Busy background, cluttered around the center, too many logos.
Too much waisted space, cluttered in the corners,
Multiple different fonts, tacky heading, too cluttered.
Cluttered around the sides, multiple fonts, text seems to be in stair stepping formation.

Photo Package

This is Gergana, she works for a modeling agency.
Everyday she spends her time going through emails of clients wanting to use their models.
Most clients select a wide variety of models.
So they contact her to see if their models are available.
Sometimes it gets busy but she does it because she loves her job.

Social Media Post

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