Keep learning more about Photoshop

A couple weeks ago, I had a business student follow me to my office, telling me he’d been trying to track me down since last semester. (Since I generally spend 10 hours a day in Elliott Hall, I find that difficult to believe, but I went along with it.) He said he wants to learn how to use Photoshop, and people kept telling him he should come to me. He said he believes he’s missing out on some job opportunities because they list Photoshop and the Creative Suite as preferred skills.

My point is, I wish we could spend a couple more weeks just on Photoshop, but that’s just not in the cards in this class. So I hope you’ll keep practicing. There are tons of good tutorials and videos online for Photoshop. I like the ones offered through Adobe and also, a really good online software training site. Some videos there are free, but you have to pay for a subscription to access the entire library. Just check out the free stuff.

For example, here’s a tutorial about photo retouching — specifically the content aware tool.

Here’s a video demo of using the Quick Selection tool to change the color of a selected area.

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