Layout Sins

This one is by FAR the worst one I’ve seen and here’s why.
1. TACKY fonts
2. Warped/Naked Photos
3. Too many fonts
4. Busy background
5. Um… whats with the massive white borders?
This is the Elevator Inspection Notice in McKnight Hall.
1. Centered
2. Tacky Font, not legible in all caps
3.Bulky Border
4. Negative space
5. The important info at the bottom (bad hierarchy) has tight leading
2. Hierarchy is hard to navigate as well
3. Red font on yellow background is not pleasing
4. The second paragraph is so small I couldn’t read it in person
Another elevator oopsie
1. The directions being split into two columns makes it difficult to navigate and confusing to read.

1. Centered
2. Not diggin’ the font choice here… not a sin just don’t love it.
3. Four corners… The sponsor logos could be organized at the bottom of the flyer
4. Bulky borders… also ugly.
5. Not really a widow/orphan but “Wichita Proud” being split is confusing to read
6. The boxes around Wichita and Proud are not centered. Too much negative space in the proud box.
1. Busy background
2. Tacky fonts

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