Photo Quiz (guide)

Quiz 1: Intro to Visual Communication and Photography

25 points (mix of multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer)


What is visual communication?

  • Why do we study it?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the different purposes of visual communication?
  • What is collective memory theory and how is it related to visual communication?

Introduction to Photography

  • Composition concepts and techniques (lecture notes & review video)
  • Tips for taking good photos in general (lecture)
  • Tips for taking better photos with you phones (lecture)
  • Exposure

Ethics & photography in communication fields.

  • Lecture (we had a lot of good discussion about ethical situations)
  • Be able to list a few ethical decisions about photos you might have to make.
  • Be able to describe why there are different guidelines in journalism, PR & advertising
  • Look up and read the NPPA code of ethics


  • Read through the tutorials
  • Be able to identify the tools used in the Photoshop tutorials / class demonstrations
  • Know the quick keys for: undo, copy, paste, deselect

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